Web- & App Developer

I code complex websites, simple iOS apps and chatbots.

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Hi, I'm Dave. Nice to meet you.

I am studying Applied Computer Science at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. I have been very enthusiastic about modern and beautiful websites since I started writing my first program 5 years ago. I love new technologies and I am especially an Apple fan. I also love developing chatbots for Discord and Twitch, as they make work easier for many people.

Fullstack Developer

I create fully functional web apps according to your wishes, no matter what your dream website looks like or what functions it should support in the background.

Languages I speak

iOS Student

I am currently learning iOS development because I am a big Apple advocate and I love the ecosystem.

Languages I learn

Swift & SwiftUI

Dev Tools

Discord- & Twitch Bots

I use both platforms every day and I really enjoy developing products for them because they help a lot of people.


Portfolio stats

1+ Twitch bot

2+ years experience

3+ customers

10+ Discord bots

My recent work

I've worked on some pretty cool projects, here are some of my favorites.

Onyx Bot

My own discord bot for utility and fun


A web dashboard for the Discord bot named SHODAN for Expanse Gaming

LoL Queue Acceptor

A python script that accepts League of Legends queues for you


An iOS app that helps you count whatever you want

My portfolio

This is my portfolio website you are currently on

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